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                Product display

                High quality connector of intelligent life

                • Engineering Coiled Cable>
                • Audio and Video Cable>
                • Cable Accessories>
                • Choseal low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cable Green 100m QF6628XT100

                  Four-layer shielded CATV coaxial cable

                • Choseal FTP CAT5 single-layer shielded network cable Transparent blue 305m Q2601T305

                  FTP CAT5 single-layer shielded network cablecable

                • Choseal SYWV high-definition CATV closed-circuit monitoring Rice White 100m Q76T100S

                  SYWV high-definition CATV cable

                • Choseal AV connecting cable 3m Q722T3

                  AV Connecting Cable

                • Choseal SFTP CAT6 network jumper 0.5m Q569T0D5S

                  Network jumper

                • Choseal DHMI-DVI connecting cable black 5m Q542T5

                  HDMI connecting cable

                • Choseal ultrappure copper wiring terminal AV plug Q906

                  Ultrappure Copper Wiring Terminal

                • Choseal banana AV plug AV plug black/red Q941

                  Banana AV plug

                • Choseal digital two-way three-distributor CATV distributor Q398

                  CATV Distributor

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                Project Case

                Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Manufacturing Industry, Choseal provides the reliable solution for the weak current cable industry

                • Beijing Bird`s Nest
                  Beijing APEC main venue
                  The Olympic Stadium, Shijingshan Gymnasium
                  Grand National Theatre of Senegal
                  The China Embassy In South Africa
                  Shanghai Tower
                • F1H2O
                  Guangdong Datang Power Plant
                  Shenzhen MIXC
                  Shenzhen Five-Continent Hotel
                  Xi’an Westin Hotel
                  XIDAN JOYCITY
                  Crowne Plaza Hotel of ZOL

                About Choseal

                Committed to becoming the internationally leading intelligent life brand with connection as the core

                Founded in 1989, Shenzhen Choseal Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, production and sales of "Choseal" quality weak current wires and cables such as AV cable, intelligent home cable, intelligent engineering cable and , and providing integrated solution for project as well as supplying raw materials.

                Choseal possesses advanced equipment, and R&D, production, quality management team and modern incubation base. Choseal has passed ISO9001 and 3C certification with international product safety certifications such as UL. With excellent quality and service, "Choseal" products keep leading and cooperate with brands such as Panasonic, Haier, Hisense, LG and TCL, and have earned high popularity from clients.

                Industries of the Group:

                Shenzhen Choseal Industry Co.,?Ltd.

                Shenzhen Choseal SCM Management Co.,?Ltd.

                Shenzhen Choseal Electronic Co.,?Ltd.

                Huizhou Choseal Industry Co.,?Ltd.

                Huizhou Choseal Copper Industry Development Co.,?Ltd.

                Group News

                Create the beautiful life with technology and service

                New pattern of intelligent new era marketing warmly congratulate choseal on its successful strategic

                2018-08-09 15:50:48

                Brand Service

                Sincere, dedicated, leading, sharing, opening

                Professional and dedicated

                Professional and dedicated

                Cooperative Customers

                Cooperative Customers

                Service Hotline

                Service Hotline

                After-Sale Service

                After-Sale Service

                Over 30 sales subsidiaries

                Over 500 dealers

                Shenzhen Choseal Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern group specialized in the professional R&D, production and sales of "Choseal" brand high-quality AV cable, intelligent home cable, intelligent engineering cable and other weak current wires and cables.



                Over 30 sales subsidiaries Over 500 dealers

                The supports from partners promote us advancing forward

                Choseal cooperates with domestic and overseas well-known brands, supports the rising brands to achieve success in brand marketing

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                National Service Hotline400-888-5218




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                We are ready to provide assistance

                Learn more

                Online customer service provides answers to all online products, , and answer technical issues (within 2 hours) after getting support from professional technicians

                Providing address and contact information of the nearby image store and cooperative suppliers, and arrange staffs for you and your users to experience the product quality and service onsite

                The service staffs may provide services such as the product test report and use instructions.

                The service staffs may provide relevant information about the acceptance of products in the project and other related supporting services.